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Miss Communication



Miss Communication

In keeping with our recent – and very popular – run across the legal profession, we’ll finish our trifecta of installments with these little ditties…silly laws.  At the time of original publication, these laws were still … Read the rest

Wireless begone!

Alternatively, this post could have been called “Son of Wireless” or “Wireless, the Sequel” since it’s a direct descendent of my post much earlier this year.  You probably should read that one first, so go now, before it’s too late:(… Read the rest

Nature endures

One of the benefits that you can draw out of the awesome destructive power of nature (assuming you are not preoccupied with direct disaster) is the incredible protection taken by the apparently unprotected.

As I watched the trees bending under … Read the rest

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone

I was on the phone with my sister the other day and we were discussing the path and ramifications of Tropical Storm (soon-to-be Hurricane) Isaac.

Based on the newest track, it appeared the storm would veer off into the gulf … Read the rest

School’s back from summer!

You see what single living does to you?

I was a little late getting started for the beach today (excellent writing day, though…even went through a full pen and had to go to my spare).  When I got out of … Read the rest

What have I got against blondes?

“Quirk week” ends, of course, with a quirky finish on a quirky day.  Now, read on…

If you’re looking for a bevy of blonde jokes here, you’ll have to scrounge around the web further.  Today we’re going to discuss my … Read the rest

It’s not the heat…

…it’s the ants!

“Quirk week” continues on the JMD blog; now, read on…

I keep all sorts of stuff in my refrigerator.  A good amount of that stuff has no perishable need to be refrigerated.  A tour through my refrigerator … Read the rest

Taking courtesy too far?

Quirk (noun) :   1. An abrupt twist or curve.  2.  A peculiar trait

Thus is the impetus of “Quirk Week” illuminated as we spend the next few days examining the idiosyncracies that make me the lovable guy I am.  Now, … Read the rest