Monthly Archives: July 2012

Miss Communication

Another month has already passed and Miss Communication is back…and confounded. She has a tough time figuring out why so many of her examples come from the legal profession, when she knows she taught her students better language skills. In fairness to the lawyers, blame in today’s installment is pretty evenly shared by the witnesses.  Read… Read more »

The end is NOT near

No long treatise today.  I’m bushed but happy, so we’ll get right to the gist and say good day. Dad’s going to be fine. The bone marrow biopsy results are in and no abnormalities or concerns popped up.  After three days off the dialysis his creatinine is heading back down to normal.  Even his blood… Read more »

Testing 1…2…3

“Downer Week” is over, but Dad’s trials continue. We’re at the cautiously optimistic phase of our waiting, even in the face of the dreaded request for a bone marrow test as the doctors continue to puzzle over the exact cause of Dad’s otherwise perfectly healthy kidneys going bonkers. Having spent many hours over the last… Read more »