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The Dark Niece Rises

One of the cool things about being the wacky uncle (aka “man-child” aka “the boy who would not grow up”) is that you are generally acceptable as an adult that kids will allow themselves to be seen with. This has been a special benefit to me with my nieces throughout the years, which in turn… Read more »

Wiki Wiki Wiki

Those of you who recognize the picture at left (no, not Gary Coleman…don’t be cute) will get the headline reference. Those of you who do not, well, you have two options:  Look up “Twiki” in your favorite search engine or simply chalk up the reference to an overexposure to geekiness as a youth. I was… Read more »

Good things come in two’s

This was going to be the start of another “themed” week, but I’m going to take a small detour and set that up for next week. The premise was going to be on my “quirks”, be they personality or otherwise.  The thought I had behind that was based on the excellent progress I have been… Read more »

Writing my life away

“Writing week” concludes on the JMD blog. Now, read on… I refer to myself as “semi-retired” these days.  My Dad was the most recent person to laugh and ask me what that meant.  I told him it meant I had no job offers. When I left my last job, it was during the beginning of… Read more »

Writing from (in)Experience

“Writing week” continues on the JMD blog.  Now, read on… Just a day after I post a blog about not spending any time reading the myriad books dedicated to creative writing, I want to talk today about a piece of advice I once read about writing:  write from experience. I always assumed this to mean… Read more »

Writing by the book

“Writing week” continues on the JMD blog.  Now, read on… There must be dozens, probably hundreds of books written about writing.  How to, what’s good, what it means… there is no shortage of analysis. And I haven’t read any of them. That doesn’t suggest I think they’re bad.  Nor does it correspondingly suggest my writing… Read more »

Writing without a net

(Missed a few days of posts, sorry, but we’re back on schedule.  Thanks for your patience!) You all know how we love “theme weeks” here on the JMD blog and now we present one long overdue…a week about my thoughts and impressions on being a writer, complete with subtext headlines, no less! Now, read on… I have been making excellent progress in… Read more »

Rooting out the problem

For some reason, the only “altercations” I have had with my homeowner’s association over the 16+ years living here have been around trees and landscaping. I pay my fees on time, do the repainting, cleaning and fixing without complaint.  But come green stuff, welp we just don’t see leaf to leaf. Previous posts have detailed… Read more »

Padding my writing

With the return of normalcy to my day-in and day-out life, I’ve been able to get back into the writing frame of mind again. Regular readers know that I changed my technique for Book 2 (“What Next?”) vs. Book 1 (“What If?”).  Whereas I used to bring the laptop to the beach with me and type… Read more »

Out on a limb

        Out on a Limb This month’s installment is strictly for the birds!   “Yeah, yeah, I’m fat and slow…so why aren’t you out tracking lions, O mighty hunter?” Turkey shoot – Originally, a turkey shoot was a contest in which muzzle loaded guns were used to shoot turkeys.   In regards to the turkey, we’re not… Read more »