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Hope for the best, prepare for…

Day 4 of “Downer Week” continues on the JMD blog. Long day today.  Dad was put on dialysis for a few hours and we await the results from the kidney biopsy.  Hopefully, it will unearth the reason for the kidney problems.  Until then, read on… Dad and I share a lot of the same characteristics… Read more »

The high cost of optimism

Day 3 of “Downer week” on the JMD blog. Dad was able to go through the kidney biopsy today, so we look forward to finally getting to the bottom of this in the next 48 hours.   In the meantime, read on… I’m a big fan in the power of positive thinking.  I think it… Read more »

In case of emergency, do not call

Apologies for the delay in posting.  My current schedule creates some unhealthy gaps between meals and I have just been released (mostly) from battling a hunger headache. Welcome to day 2 of what appears to be “Downer Week” here on the JMD blog.  Sorry, but my supply of optimism has to be reserved for family… Read more »

What, me worry?

Despite the humorous icon of the famous Mad magazine, today brings anything but chuckles. Apparently, Dad’s issues with his kidneys have become more troubling.  He will be undergoing a test tomorrow that will hopefully point doctors in the right direction to making him better. As I sit here, dutifully creating my daily blog, I find… Read more »

I wonder what the $6 Million Man’s deductible would be?

I’m sure it’s less than my Dad’s. Granted, Dad hasn’t reached that amount of scientific replacements in his body (but, to be fair, he didn’t suffer a terrible aerospace accident, either), but Dad is well on his way after his most current operation on his other shoulder. I got off the phone with Dad a… Read more »

Writing properly

I’m a lefty. Now, that’s not inherently a bad thing.  Yes, it makes looking for sports equipment more challenging.  And sure, those little credit card thingies at retail stores all seem to be set up for righties.  But there are a lot of advantages to being lefty as well (for example, I can operate the… Read more »

Uncommon sense

“Sort of Niece Week” continues… A couple of weeks ago, I was coming back from a fun lunch with my older niece at Mikey’s (chili dogs!) and we began one of our usual rambling conversations. At some point, whether it was on the way people spend money or the way people drive cars or the… Read more »