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What if Mr. Miyagi were my barber?

More aftershock posts on the recently departed birthday.  Read on…

One of the most fun guests I had at my birthday this weekend was my barber.  He came with his wife, daughter, her husband and son.  He arrived a little … Read the rest

Birthday hangover

I’m still bushed.

Two days removed from the Big Birthday BBQ and I’m still “feeling the burn” (although, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply to any of the food).  It was a tremendously successful party filled with family and friends.  … Read the rest

Going into Dutch

Just a couple of days away from the annual birthday BBQ which means it was time to pick up the meats for the gaggle of friends and family who will be chowing down.

I decided to change the menu up … Read the rest


I was having one of my birthday lunches the other day with a friend (her treat!) and we were discussing the annual birthday BBQ that I host each year (mainly as an excuse to get a bunch of my friends … Read the rest

What if I had been selfish?

One of the basic tenets about writing, from emails to blogs, is that the reader isn’t always clear the tone or mood behind the writer’s words.  Let me take this moment to clear up any potential uncertainty on your part:  … Read the rest

I just saw my first ant!

Some people get aches.  Some get headaches.  Some get stuffed up or depressed or all sorts of different early warning signals.  I see ants.

When it’s time for our rainy season to hit in earnest, it’s almost always preceded by … Read the rest

Game(s) over

Yesterday we talked about my obsessive behavior and some ways it manifests.  Today, we’ll go into a specific example and the ultimate resolution of that obsession.

I have a long history with computer games.  When you’re my age, you have … Read the rest

Slightly OCD

Fine.  You want me to admit it, I will. I’m (slightly) OCD.

I prefer calling it being neat or orderly or even organized, but you just won’t be satisfied until I “fess up”.

I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve … Read the rest

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb 

The return of our monthly feature edumicating you on those catch-phrases and cliché expressions we’re all so fond of using.  Surprises are in store when you read how these sayings came about!


 Don’t look a … Read the rest

Miss Communication

Our newest installment of monthly feature…

Miss Communication

Oftentimes, miscommunications occur in court, permanently inscribed by court reporters. Culling through a list of such transcribed mistakes, malapropisms and malformations, we came across the gem below, which doubtless furthers the vitriol … Read the rest