Monthly Archives: April 2012

Are you blue, too?

We have a lot in common. Or so I’m led to believe, if I can make generalizations based on non-scientific surveying of a possibly statistically irrelevant sample size. My favorite color is blue.  Apparently, a lot of you share my love and appreciation of the color.  It’s not that hard to see why.  In fact,… Read more »

You made that up!

Let’s get it out up front:  I write fiction. Yeah, ok, not on this blog (although since some of it is simply opinion, even that line is a bit blurred).  But my books are fiction.  Which doesn’t mean they’re not factual. In fact (I had to; I just had to), I did an awful lot… Read more »

Some dreams die of new age

I have always liked to read. When I was little, I read comic books and then books and then encyclopedias and then dictionaries and then atlases (atlasi?) and then more books and comics and newspapers and magazines.  Basically, I like to read. A couple of years before I left for college, I managed a small… Read more »

Word association

Annoying. That’s the word I most associate with my Homeowner’s Association. For those of you who have never had the pleasure, live overseas or are visiting from a nearby solar system, Homeowner’s Associations are groups of people who are (sort of) elected to (sort of) govern large groups of homes all sharing the same builder… Read more »

Ignorance is arrogance

In a world where there are no absolutes (don’t give me death and taxes, I could argue both of them), there is actually one thing every person on earth absolutely has:  an opinion. Oh sure, it may not be a strong one or a convicted one or even an important one, but it’s for darn… Read more »

Getting fresh

The rains began moving in late yesterday with the promise of a wet weekend.  As the downpour began in the evening, my disappointment with the certainty of no tennis the next day (today) was counterbalanced by the thrill of our first true evening thunderstorm, a gorgeous mixture of sight, sound and water. I was just… Read more »


When I was a kid, my Grandma would constantly admonish me to “sit up straight” (along with “don’t cross your eyes”, but that’s a different post).  My Mom also had that advice, more along the lines of “don’t slouch”.  My Dad’s warning was “stand up straight”. Neither Mom or Grandma are around anymore (at least… Read more »

Water hazard

I recently got in touch with a good friend of mine with whom I’ve been playing phone tag for most of this year.  With her birthday at the end of this month and mine at the end of next, we usually schedule a combined birthday dinner where rather than I pay for her and her… Read more »

Out on a limb

Time to put your learning hat on!  Let’s find out where some of those famous phrases and clichés originated from. Beginning the second monthly feature culled from my old newsletter days.  Sure, it’s a time saver, basically giving me the creative “day off” as I plagiarise myself, but it also is a needed break as… Read more »

Miss Communication

Back when I was working in Finance at my last company, I started up a newsletter for the Finance group (about 240 employees).  When I began, it was a little 4-page thing (really just two-pages, front and back) and I managed to keep it up more or less regularly on a monthly basis. As the… Read more »