Monthly Archives: March 2012

Cut short

Today was haircut day.  Same time, same day, every three weeks, about a week faster than in my youth.

It’s not vanity. It’s not that my hair grows so quickly.  It’s actually because I have so little hair that I … Read the rest

Is it really better to be lucky than good?

I must admit, I’ve lived a charmed life.

I think most people would likely call it lucky.  I can’t say I disagree.  The debate might center on whether luck “just happens” or if I “made” my luck through personal effort.  … Read the rest

Dust epidemic

From time to time as I ramble through my rambling rambles, I will go into a moaning about cleaning, usually in general and occasionally to the full extent of a single post.  I think we have to consider this one … Read the rest

But what’s the fat lady singing?

A few weeks back, I posted a brief comment about being invited to view an operetta.  Overall I enjoyed the performance, a mixture of dance, opera and orchestral music in a more intimate environment than a concert hall, but it … Read the rest

Of Mom

Today would be Mom’s birthday.

It’s always been easy to remember, since it falls on or around the first day of spring.  I always felt there was something poetic about a Mom (bringer of life) having a birthday on the … Read the rest

Bowling for dollars

The companion post to the earlier “Bowling for peppers”, we’ll chat a little today about my experiences in a money bowling league and my “transformation” into an honest-to-goodness bowler.

Bowling has always been a fun recreational sport.  Many Sundays were … Read the rest

Hand me downs

I was going through my semi-annual cleaning last week (ok, ok, I clean a bit more often than that, but I can dream, can’t I?) and used my usual assortment of “Grandma” towels in the process.

This, of course, got … Read the rest

I think that I shall never see…

…a poem lovely as a tree.

A famous line from a famous poem about trees by Joyce Kilmer is the perfect lead in to our post today about…trees!

Or, more precisely, drawing trees.

I’ve been drawing since I was single … Read the rest

What’s so great about being great?

When I was a lad, I collected baseball cards, read books about baseball and watched baseball on TV when I could (having no professional team in Florida).  I really wanted to be a great baseball player.

I was talented in … Read the rest