Monthly Archives: February 2012

Leaf me alone!

I swept “The Slab” today.  And the day before.  Also, the day before the day before.  And I don’t need to continue since you see the pattern. First things first.  “The Slab”.  This is my loving appellation for the concrete square in front of my house (but behind a tall wooden fence).  If it was… Read more »

Playing tag

I’m really enjoying my categorizing of all the posts I’ve put up on this blog so far.  During the process of rereading the posts, I have been pleasantly reminded of some of the stories I’ve shared with you.  I think I may devote a future week to my favorite posts, similar to the week where… Read more »

Razor’s edge

My aversion to cleaning is legendary; I’ve detailed some of it here in this blog (you can track down the post in the increasingly useful “Categories” section under the “Home” category entitled “A home filled with love…and hate”). However, despite all preferences to the contrary, I do actually clean my home.  My only other alternatives are… Read more »

Selling myself

It’s “Linsanity” in South Florida today, so we’re going for a quick post before a healthy dose of talking heads to prepare for the most over-hyped regular season basketball game in history! One of the odd things I’ve noticed about being “retired” (as an impoverished and widely unknown writer, I can’t really consider writing a… Read more »

Return of the farmer’s tan

Almost there…al…most….there… Oh.  Hi.  Just checking the temperature one more time.  Sorry, give me  a second. Okay.  Now that we’re all settled in, let’s go blogging! “Winter” in Florida is a relative term.  For the thousands of “snowbirds” who travel down here from up north during their (real) winter months, winter is nothing of the… Read more »

It’s a crying shame

“Food Week” comes to conclusion a little late, but sometimes you need to let something cook just a few minutes longer to get it just right. I don’t know if food tastes are genetic, but there is no denying that my Dad and I are onion fanatics.  I am a big fan of all onions,… Read more »

The dogs kids love to bite!

Those of you old enough to remember that famous jingle (or happened to hear it in the movie “Demolition Man”) know that today’s installment of “Food Week” on the JMD blog is about hot dogs.  Now, read on… Being one of the potentially most mysterious of foods (as a child, you had to make sure… Read more »


“Food Week” continues on the JMD blog… I’ve already posted many times my pleasure cooking meals.  Perceptive readers will notice that most of this conversation revolves around main courses.  This is not because I dislike vegetables, to the contrary.  However, I have steered away from cooking veggies for the mot part, leaning more heavily on… Read more »

Bowling for Peppers

We’re going to do a brief interruption of “Food Week” here on the JMD blog to acknowledge the wonderful Valentine’s Day. Hopefully you all have someone to share this day with, but even if not (as with myself), you surely have some one(s) to reach out and remind how much you care for them.  For… Read more »

Sweet and sour childhood

This is a week that should be filled with romance and flowers and stories of love, so it must be “Food Week” on the JMD blog. What?  Sure it is.  Look, if you’re going to romance someone, you’re going to have some food involved somewhere (if only a box of chocolates).  And what meal isn’t… Read more »