Monthly Archives: January 2012

What happened to small lemons?

Jeepers!  With my tennis mornings and poker nights falling on the same days, I have been squeezed to get my blogs done daily (as some of you have no doubt seen with my irregular publishing schedule).

My intention was to … Read the rest

Professional driver; do not attempt

January ushers in a smorgasbord of excellent sports events, ultimately driving me to sit for many hours in front of the television flipping between tennis (what a match in the final of the Australian!) or football (what a game in … Read the rest

Welcome to the jungle

Woe be he who enters the dense mass...

Okay, okay, I’ll get to it already.

I’ve mentioned in the past my (normally) attractive landscaping out front of the house.  It’s filled with surprisingly healthy and unfortunately fast-growing plants and trees.  … Read the rest

Clearly garbage

Today’s post is garbage.  No, really, it’s all about garbage.

I’ve had the distinguished task of taking out the garbage since I reached a height in excess of the garbage bags.  “Back in the day” (gosh, I really must be … Read the rest

Sleeping on your bank

I was having breakfast with my friend this past weekend (at Tom Sawyer’s, a nice little place off the beaten path) and she was telling me about her trip to Italy and what she did there.  As the conversation ranged, … Read the rest

Planning my death

What?  Too melodramatic?  Too morbid?  Eh, read on…

When I left my last job I had a reasonable plan for the rest of my life.  Most of it had to do with lazing around in the South Florida air and … Read the rest

Back in the saddle

The first new post of 2012 affords me my favorite pastime before delving into the meat of today’s rambling, namely examining words and phrases.  In a manner familiar to my regular blog readers (all eight of you), I begin the … Read the rest