Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Top 10 “Things I’m Thankful For”

Holiday appropriate blogging begins now.

The Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For:

10.    I’m thankful that I live in a state where snow is not only foreign, it’s downright illegal!

 9.     I’m thankful that I’ve maintained a consistent weight and … Read the rest

A friendly game?

A few weeks ago, two of my tennis buddies and I were chewing the fat over this and that, as we do most days after playing.  By some random occurence, the conversatin shifted to poker, of which all three of … Read the rest

No more mouths to feed

You wouldn’t have to be a detective in the class of the famed (and fictional) Sherlock Holmes to figure out I enjoy cooking.  There are literally dozens of clues strewn throughout the many posts in this blog.  I believe there … Read the rest

Fly me to the Moon…

…since it doesn’t look like I’m flying anyplace else this holiday season!

What has happened in the last year?

Ever since my best friend and her family moved to Las Vegas eight years ago, I have flown out to spend … Read the rest

Back to the future

At some point, all of us wonder what our future has in store for us.  More than likely, we think about this at multiple points across our lifespan and it’s interesting how those ponderings change as the years and experiences … Read the rest

Cleaned out is cleaned up

We’re back after a holiday-induced break.  Today’s topic wraps up the end of October nicely and brings us smack into the stretch run for the year.

Today marks the first day the house is finally “clean” since my return from … Read the rest