Monthly Archives: October 2011

It was a dark and stormy night…

…all too often, actually. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here in Florida we battle rainy weather every Halloween. A few days ago, as I was putting up some more decorations outside the house, some of the local kids stopped by to talk to me about Halloween (which is what you woud… Read more »

Eat, drink and be scary

When I thought up the title for today’s post, I thought I was being quite clever.  But I was shopping in Wal-Mart for more Halloween stuff and I noticed napkins, plates, etc. with the exact same phrase.  I guess I can always use another reminder that I’m not quite as witty as I think. Continuing… Read more »

Halloween is something to work at…at work

Continuing our week long Halloween posts, it’s time for us to hop into the wayback machine for a little trip.  All buckled? Last post, we talked about the origins of my Halloween giveaways, which started when I got a home of my own.  I became a homeowner for the first time about a year and… Read more »

Halloween is my bag

It’s Halloween week (plus some) at the JMD blog!  Lots to talk about, so read on… When I was but a tadpole, I had a few very favorite things:  reading, baseball and collecting.  It didn’t take long for the former duo to impact the latter. Early on, I gravitated to comic books, which appealed to… Read more »

The Grand Road Trip – final thoughts

Swiftly bringing to a close the grand road trip ramblings because now it’s time to get ready for Halloween, my most fun holiday of the year!  Check out my YouTube videos all week for a look “inside” the making of a JMD Halloween. So, since this is a “wrap up” post, we’ll stray from the… Read more »

There’s no place like home

Phew…it took me nearly a day to recover, but I’m now able to post again.  Why nothing yesterday nor until late today?  Read on… I decided to bring the Grand Road Trip to a close about a day and a half early.  Several considerations went into the decision, which we’ll get into briefly next. By… Read more »

Now THAT’S a bookstore

Day 6 of the Grand Road trip finds me sitting in a Starbucks across the street from an Occupy D.C. rally that my hosts are active participants in. The goals and motivations of the group are worthy and in any other situation I would be happy to particpate in some of the activities, but considering this… Read more »

Yesterday made me cry

The title was supposed to read “Today made me cry”, but there are some peculiarities about Washington D.C. that you (or at least I) wouldn’t have guessed. For example, would you believe that almost nothing opens up before 7 am?  Not the food stores, the drugstores, the parking garages, the eating places? In the same… Read more »

I’m no Jack Kerouac

Day 4 of the Grand Road Trip…finally, Wasshington D.C.! The day started with a choice against doing a detour through the Blue Ridge Parkway for two reasons.  First, I felt I could use the extra rest after an extra-inning playoff game that defeated my plans for an early bedtime. Second, the weather this morning was… Read more »

Color me seasonal

Blecch. I apologize, O faithful readers, for yesterday’s post.  It was scatter-brained, filled with unfinished thoughts and typos.  As I mentioned in the post, I was plumb wore out and sadly, it showed. I’m starting today’s update on Day 3 of the Grand Road Trip much earlier, both to deter a repeat of last night’s… Read more »