Monthly Archives: August 2011

A myriad of musically motivated mumblings

<As promised when I started this public blog, I will occasionally dredge up a post from my (now departed) private blog.  I have taken the liberty to edit the post for relevance.  Now, read on…>   I haven’t done a potpourri post in a long while; today’s ramblings will fill that vacuum. Shine a little… Read more »

The danger of overeading

No, not a typo, gentle reader, if you but read on… After a rare pause for an actual current event, we’re back to random babblings about topics which may or not be of any interest, but, as this blog is nothing but an endless stream of randomness, one way or the other, that certainly can… Read more »

Budget by default

Through the first seven months of this blog, there has yet to be a post on a political topic.  That is by design, obviously, though perhaps not because of what you would expect. While politics, like religion, tends to be a polarizing subject capable of generating extreme and emotional points of view, I don’t see… Read more »