Monthly Archives: July 2011

Spoiler alert

It’s a puzzler, make no doubt about it.  What to do?  What to do?

When I first imagined this site, I thought of it as a journal, chronicling my travels as I wandered the cluttered, but strangely desolate, paths of … Read the rest

A Capitol idea

Yes, I know, not the most original of headlines, but they can’t all be cleveriffic.

I came into a bit of good fortune recently, in one of those six degrees of separation type ways.  This one started out as I … Read the rest


It was bound to happen.  It was probably inevitable.  Still, I made it more than halfway through the year, so that’s something.

After multiple updates to my blog and forum, I finally managed to obliterate my discussion board two days … Read the rest

A woman’s touch

And finally, the end of Shopping Week on the JMD blog.  A week of reminisces and ponderings on that which we all do every week (if not every day).  Thus, our final entry…

Having just touched on the kickoff of … Read the rest

Cutting corners

Day 3 of shopping week at the JMD blog; moving right along…

There’s something awfully cool about watching the total on your shopping bill start dropping; there’s something awfully cool about coupons.

I have to admit, coupons and me were … Read the rest

Frozen food shopping

Day 2 of Shopping Week here at the JMD blog; now read on…

Everyone knows shopping is seasonal.  Why, you have Spring Clearance and Summer Savings and Fall Fashions and Winter Gifts.  Just about every holiday that appears on the … Read the rest

Shopping infidelity

Welcome to Shopping Week here on the JMD blog.  For the next five days, expect to see posts on various aspects of shopping and my adventures therein.  Thus, without further preamble…

Up until the last couple years of my life, … Read the rest

Courage in a box

I just completed reading a book about some extraordinary examples of human courage and endurance.  The word heroic is one that is used far more often than it deserves, but these individuals, extended beyond all reasonable capacity, still overcame and … Read the rest