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On to the next 50!

Birthday week – the epilogue

Bringing birthday week to a close with the second half of our two-part final post.  Let’s set the stage of what has gone before…

I had the idea of throwing a big 50th birthday bash … Read the rest

50 is the new…50?

Birthday week concludes…

Phew.  Between extended hours birthday activities and a revisit from the chest cold thingy, I missed posting yesterday; that leads to a rare Sunday post.

I’ve noticed that each succeeding birthday post has gotten longer and today’s … Read the rest

Fool me twice…it must be my birthday!

Birthday week continues…

One day, I’ll relate to you the odd, head-scratching way I progressed up the ladder in my last company, but for today, let’s just zoom forward to a point roughly in the middle of my “climb”.  This … Read the rest

Queen for a day

Birthday week continues…

Yesterday, we were reminiscing together about my best friend throwing me a wonderful surprise birthday party for my 40th birthday.  I can only recall one happier birthday.

I may have mentioned that she was two years younger … Read the rest

Friends can surprise you

Birthday week continues…

When I started with my last company, I came from years of working in the public world of large national (or international) companies.  Moving to a privately owned regional business was a switch, especially as the company … Read the rest

Love will keep us together

Phew.  It’s probably been about two years since I had a cold…chest, head or other (is there an “other”?) and I forgot how it can really throw you off your game.  I missed getting a post out yesterday and honestly, … Read the rest

I don’t want to be rich

C’mon now, stop laughing.  It’s mostly true.  Sure there are a lot of things I can’t do now that being rich would allow, but it’s not like I have a bad life.  So maybe I could change the “want” to … Read the rest