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This whole webmaster stuff is an enormous pain in the neck (sometimes literally).

I have accumulated both a greater respect and greater sympathy for those diligent and silent suffering people who are responsible for keeping everyone’s sites up, running and … Read the rest

Computer’s block

We’ve talked about my process for writing the first book before (you can find references in a variety of posts and even in the FAQ).  It’s time to start working on writing book 2, so I thought a little more … Read the rest

The pen is funnier than the sword

I’m in a small debate (with myself) whether this is the ultimate or the penultimate installment of “Funny Week” on the JMD blog.  I have been focusing on my comedic influences from various media, with today’s subject relating to authors.  … Read the rest

Out of step

Wow!  Fun Marlins victory last night and dramatic Heat victory last night and looks like someone got too distracted last night to post a blog.  Ah well, there’s always the weekend.

We’ve covered movies and comics so far in “Funny … Read the rest



(Merriam-Webster) A single strongly marked capacity or aptitude; extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity

Not all comic book fans follow the newspaper comic strips just as many people who read the comics in the paper don’t … Read the rest

Turn that frown upside down

It’s a funny week here at the JMD blog.  That’s funny-ha ha not funny-strange.  All week I’ll be posting on my favorite humor influences and likes across all variety of media.  My last post provides me with an easy segue … Read the rest

Get that camera away from me!

Technology is an astounding thing.  It evolves and grows almost as a living creature.  Tempted as I am, I don’t purchase every techno-toy that is generated out of the inventive minds and manufacturers.  Some items find their way to me … Read the rest

And now for something completely the same

Concluding our two-part post from yesterday…

Whenever someone tells me that they would still work even past the time when they no longer need to, I look at them befuddled.  Since I can’t fathom that motivation, I don’t argue the … Read the rest