10 days


Some people label it as stubbornness. I call it experience.

It’s no secret my distaste for medicine and medical treatments. I’ve had little success with over-the-counter medicines and worse reactions to prescribed “cures”.

Over the course of my life, I’ve found just about everything I’ve suffered can be solved in 10 days. And that time frame shifts not at all with the pointless addition of medicine.

The little stuff matters even less. When I get a headache, it’s kind of already too late for the acetaminophen or aspirin. When I get a sore muscle or neck, the ibuprofen or therapeutic goop doesn’t help it heal faster, just (sometimes) temporarily feel better.

As the scale increases, chicken soup, vitamin C and rest work just as well as a Z-pack or some other advanced medicinal solution. Because, in both cases, the time to heal is almost always about a week and a half.

I can’t speak for others’ healing factors, of course, but it’s been amazingly consistent throughout most of my life. As I sit here typing with only some twinges from my injured back, I realize I’m 9 days out from the occurrence. By day 10, I expect to be at close to 100%.

When I think back to various respiratory infections, colds or other maladies, I can pretty much tick off the 10-day solution. Some of those were medicated, some not.

The naysayer will suggest that if I had not been taking medication on some of those ailments, they would have lasted longer than 10 days. I have no evidence to support that theory and much evidence to refute it.

Pigheaded or self-aware? Mulish or wise? Stubborn or experienced? I think I’ll stick with “natural” healing and keep to my schedule.

Sometimes less, but almost always no more than 10 days to heal.

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