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Where there’s no will, there’s no way

no will no way


The mind is an extraordinary creation. It can write sonnets and symphonies and imagine the light bulb and the silicon chip.

It can also cause doubt and deception.

This past week, a close friend (and once, more than a … Read the rest

Women are weaklings

women are weaklings

I’m so glad America is fed up with political correctness so we can get this out in the open once and for all.

It’s always been tiptoed around because “politeness” demanded no one actually say what was fact: women are … Read the rest

I’m so cross

Im so cross

It bears repeating (in light of today’s post) the origins of my expansive lexicon have their roots in Scrabble battles with Grandma, lots of reading and crossword puzzles.

For many years I honed my talents, even subscribing to the monthly … Read the rest

Party time

party time

Where are their heads at?

I’ve taken enough shots at the leading candidates in this year’s Presidential race, it’s time to tackle the Big Two parties.

Like it or not, and for as long as we can see, Democrats and … Read the rest

Working the line

working the line

Welp, I’m about two weeks into the Great Comic Book Grading, Bagging, Boxing and Recording in a Database I Create Myself, otherwise known as the GCBGBBRDICM.

Er, well, no, no one knows it as that. If anyone, including myself tried … Read the rest