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I always say never say never or always

There are few real impossibilities in life, just as there are few real absolutes. So why do so many people use “always” and “never”?

The words tend to show up most of the time when someone wants to put emphasis … Read the rest


I always thought I would have more time.

It was inevitable, of course, but still, I thought it wouldn’t be for a while.

But, there it is. No sense weeping or whining. Time to face up to the facts and … Read the rest

Back in the swing?

So here’s a funny situation for you: retired man, physically capable, time and money on his hands, lives in South Florida…

…and doesn’t play golf.

Yes, I know, it’s as if the very laws of science and nature are breaking … Read the rest

I should have been a bug

Little did I know when I penned the amorous adventures of Jeremy with the Queen Ant that I would one day be the subject of life imitating art.

I’ve always been on good terms with insects. We get along well. … Read the rest

Reality vs. rhetoric: Being president vs. becoming president

Oh, those annoying nitpickers with memories…

Donald Trump rode an unconventional (I’m being charitable) campaign all the way to the big seat in the White House. He made a lot of brash and bold claims and his people loved him … Read the rest