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Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule

The rain is pushing back some of my needed Birthday BBQ preparations, most notably cleaning the patio. The upside to that is I have just enough time to post my final pre-BBQ blog. Welcome to Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule. Usually, I am still in The Boys fresh market at this time, trying… Read more »

Birthday BBQ D-minus 3: A meaty affair

Okay, three days until the big Birthday BBQ. That means more shopping and just a wee bit of cleaning. I’ll have progressively more to do each day this week, so, let’s not dawdle. Heading right into Birthday BBQ D-minus 3: A meaty affair. Alrighty then. It’s meat day on my three (now four) day shopping… Read more »

This year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to you by AT&T

Yup, it’s all about the Birthday BBQ. If you’re expecting something else on the blog this week…you must be new! It’s actually impressive that I have enough time to write a blog at all. I must be getting better at this. In any case, let me explain how this year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to… Read more »

My special relationship with Mom Nature

I am deeply disturbed by recent actions of the current occupant of the oval office. However, this is my Birthday BBQ week. Therefore, I am postponing commentary on his behavior. Because, I plan on enjoying this week. So, today I’ll talk about my special relationship with Mom Nature. I have three Moms in my life…. Read more »

Spud Month Week 3 – MP

Here it is, the last week before the big Birthday BBQ. Time for my last potato recipe and it’s a classic. Never before cooked by me. I present, Spud Month Week 3 – MP! Now, the “MP” part is already given away with the picture. Really, is there any possible way to present mashed potatoes… Read more »