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And that’s why I shouldn’t go on roofs

Heights and I have a complicated relationship. We get along best when we’re apart. I’ve always been afraid of allowing us to get too close.

When I’m in an airplane, staring out a reinforced window at the ground thousands of … Read the rest

Maybe I’m not cut out to be a hermit after all

Hurricane Irma came and went. It left many without their homes, some without their lives. It only left me without the world.

Throughout the whole event, electricity glowed like an anchor to the power of mankind in the face of … Read the rest

There’s more than humidity in the South Florida air

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a little scurred. I think I’d be stupid not to be.

This house is old. Not Jackie Gleason 60’s old, but pre-Hurricane Andrew 80’s old. That means pre-tougher building codes.

My house layout has the … Read the rest

Observations in the cone of uncertainty

Some random observations over the last 24 hours on South Florida, people and Hurricane Irma…

– On the way to the first week of bowling league last night, I witnessed the heading-home-from-work traffic turn into the I-need-to-get-gas backup at one … Read the rest

Coincidentally prepared

As a lifelong resident of South Florida, I’ve seen and (thankfully) survived many hurricanes. Gratefully, only a few “hits” and nothing in the lines of Andrew’s direct hit.

Preparations for a hurricane are redundant and tiresome, but they are critically … Read the rest