Latest Ramblings

I can’t…I just can’t…

I promised you endless updates on Halloween, from this new this year to past memories and I’ve done my bit.

I promised you no interruptions for political or social commentary and I’ve been true to my word.

But I can’t … Read the rest

Don’t go into the lights!

As I was taking (bad) photos of my rapidly progressing Dead Thing Driveway, I experienced a moment of profound reflection.

No, gazing upon all those skeletons didn’t have me ruminating about life and death, the afterlife and other such metaphysical … Read the rest

Down to the wire

It’s been torrentially raining for the last two days, preventing me from doing any work on the Dead Thing Driveway…and I couldn’t be more pleased!

“What?” you may be wondering. “Has he gone batty at last?”

Not at all my … Read the rest

Halloween is for sportsmen

I think I’m making progress with my Animal Control skeleton and I have my years of experience as a sportsman to thank for it.

I’ve had several vexing problems regarding AC (as I call him). First, the stand that is … Read the rest

The best laid plans of (skeletal) mice and men

Hoo boy! My crazy ideas may not kill me (though that’s still a possibility), but they sure are likely to drive me to the poor house!

So’s I’m beginning my Dead Thing Driveway display set up today, kicking off the … Read the rest