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Actors are people too

Social media frequently gets a bum rap.

It gets blamed and criticized for creating a hostile and rude society, giving freedom to expression that previously often only had local exposure.

That’s specious reasoning, because the opinions, attitudes and demeanor readily … Read the rest


Technology is amazing. It seems as if there’s an endless game of “top this!” going on. There are so many advancements and changes it’s hard for anyone to keep up.

During my meager shopping spree over the holidays (mostly clothes … Read the rest

Between me and beauty…ants!

Gosh knows I’ve posted about ants; heck, I’ve even written about ants! So, you’ve gotta know by now I have great affection for the little critters (well, except for the several hundred tiny sugar ants that parade through my kitchen … Read the rest

Health scare

Most people I know are less than enthusiastic to visit the doctor. Any doctor.

I know I’m a big baby when it comes to needles, so the main boogeyman for me is the annual checkup, which just happens to be … Read the rest

A trip to Sweden

After my big GNABRT in 2015, I pretty much used last year as a “year off”. For the better part of the year I did even more nothing than usual.

In retrospect, this probably contributed to the extra energy I … Read the rest