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I’m not preaching…


…I’m just having a conversation here!

A thought burbled up while I was shaving the other day, “I wonder if people think I’m being preachy in some of my posts?”

If you’re wondering why I would be thinking that instead … Read the rest

The shirts on my back


I’m a colorful character.

It started when I was little, making drawings in crayon, then graduating over the years to colored pencils and art markers. As much as I enjoy pencil drawing, I’ve always had a strong affinity for color … Read the rest

Walking through the creative process


Do or do not; there is no try.

On a walk with a friend the other day, we witnessed a jogger going by and both of us agreed that was not for us.

Later, she asked me if I knew … Read the rest



Many times have I fallen in love with an electric razor only to have the breakup be one of pain and regret. Indeed, if I had as many divorces as I’ve had electric razors, I’d not even be able to … Read the rest

Turkey day every day


A not-quite lifetime ago, I awaited the holidays with a mixture of eagerness and solemnity (25¢ word!).

My excitement, of course, was knowing I would get time off from work (except when I worked retail). My solemnity would come as … Read the rest