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Of course you should always celebrate your birthday

It’s round day! No, not my stomach, I talked about that yesterday. Today is roundy day in terms of years on this earth. In other words, ladies and germs, it’s mah birfday! Am I happy? You betcha! As the title says, of course you should always celebrate your birthday. Retribution or just bad luck? So,… Read more »

So tired of all the excuses

Nah, this isn’t a post about the poor response to covid-19. If nearly 100,000 deaths hasn’t frustrated you already, my itty-bitty blog isn’t going to make a dent. Instead, we’ll turn to an all-too frequent topic here – me – and how I finally got so tired of all the excuses. Well, excuse me At… Read more »

Who is taking all my stuff?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I was here first. Somehow, the bandwagon came by and picked up a heck of a lot more people than ever. And that leaves me sad and bereft as I let out the mournful cry of “who is taking all my stuff?” I’ve got the bonafides to back me up Just… Read more »

Living an old musical in a new pandemic

Sure, first world problems, right? I mean, people are getting sick and people are dying. I get that and I feel that. No way do I minimize any of it. But, if there’s a shot at sneaking a smile in among the gloom, then maybe I can do it by talking about how I’m living… Read more »

Random tales from inside my pandemic cave

Yep, inside my COVID hidey-hole and nothing much left to do but type out some ideas that have no relation to each other except for, you know, a virus all around the world. Prepare, then, for random tales from inside my pandemic cave! Keeping the sense of humor away from the gallows A sense of… Read more »