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That’s so sweet


I was feeling pretty good about the state of my Halloween preparations, with almost all of my decorations done and my goody bags complete. I might even say I was feeling smug.

And then I remembered. I still had to … Read the rest

Reviewing my clippings


I envy you. I really do.

For so long, I was one of you, but then I was seduced to the dark side of generics and store brands.

Now, I rarely have the opportunity to clip coupons that I will … Read the rest

The deflatables


With no due respect to this presidential election, I must admit that half of my Halloween inflatable decorations can be put in a basket of deflatables.

I’m nearly done with the major decorations around the front of the house. The … Read the rest

Late, not dead


When I first started cogitating about this post and the headline, I got sidetracked thinking about why people use the term “late” for recently deceased. It’s not morbidity; it’s a love of words that impels me.

Before checking, I came … Read the rest

No one respects (fill in blank) more than me


In this doofy presidential election full of doofy comments from both sides, forgive me if I find this the doofiest.

Part of the reason it so makes me raise my hands to the sides of my head is that it … Read the rest